by Blak Lyons

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wesaus32 I picked The Rumble as my favorite track but this is an album I can listen to straight through, can't wait to see more from the Blak Lyons Favorite track: The Rumble.
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released October 6, 2014

Tomas Giambruni: Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Ezequiel Gomez de Lima: Lead Guitar
Diego Antonelli: Bass
Francisco Bianchi: Drums

Recorded at ROF Records
Produced by Santio Ferreras
Engineer and mix by Leo Michelena
Mastering by Cana San Martín at Astor Mastering




Blak Lyons Ciudad Autónoma De Buenos Aires, Argentina

Blak Lyons [pronounced blak lee·óns] : indie roots rock from the deeper south.

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Track Name: Upper State
I met a man from upper state
He said “don’t mind me, I’ve got no name “ and I won’t

I met a girl from where I’ve been
She said she’ll feed me and please me all the time
But I think of you

Feel like a stranger in a foreign place
Just need a place to rest my head
And I know it’s hard to find my peace of mind
I’ll tear it down and watch it burn
Only a fool would stay and lose again
Go hit the road and find your brand new home

He said “now boy, what you running from?
Those memories will walk with you all day long”

“And now you seem like you lost your soul
dust all your worries and get back on the horse”
This coming of age

Feel like a stranger in a foreign place
Just need a place to rest my head
And I know it’s hard to find my peace of mind
I’ll tear it down and watch it burn
Only a fool would stay and lose again
Go hit the road and find your brand new home
Track Name: Haunt
Straight down from boulder city
Across the great divide
So you come on down the road before
The storm will hit the ground

You’ve been far out,
you’ve been out on the road
So you join the boys for a little fix
Revive the book of songs

And we sang, oh oh oh
Chant the hymn for everyone
and dance ‘til there’s no light

You bid farewell to your fleeting past
And you smell the grass below your feet and think:
Why you left first time?

Deep in their eyes you see they caved and regret
You understand their dreams are worn-out dead
They’re digging their own graves

And we sang, oh oh oh
Chant the hymn for everyone
and dance ‘til there’s no light
Track Name: Carney
See you stumblin’ through the parking
See you dancin’ in the street
And I know this game is overdue

You come to me like no one is around you
Two left feet, still standing next to me
More to choose but signed off is the deal

In the dead of night, I feel her coming over me
In the dead of night, the carney’s up around the bend

Hear ya mumbling songs of freedom
Plenty smug and waiting for the ring
Not so much, it’s soft but i’ll insist

Try keep up with your bohemian dancing
Overtime I’m cornered in the field
Time to shine with whispers in my ears
Track Name: The Rumble
Say what you want but
Take the wires from your head
A town I don’t belong inlll
With the people I don’t want to meet

Cane by the water
And the ashes of yesterday
A bridge over yonder
Takes the road back to our home

Nobody knows it but me
The beat that lies underneath
Nobody knows it but me
The rumble hides underneath

A sip of your tumbler
All your secrets will arise
Her voice said “hello, we haven’t met”
“But we should have” said her eyes
Track Name: Step Into The Wild
I’ve been working through this maze
just to make this land a home
Laying on the warm ground, breathing in the scents of earth

Gonna rise up with the sun
Make my way up to the top
Covered by the thick crown, lose my thoughts into the sky

Don’t chain yourself to concrete
Take one more step into the wild

Dip my feet down in the lake
While the birds dive in and go
Take a couple deep breaths, make myself one with the unknown

Blend with shadows in the night
With the sunset slipping out
Guided by the starlight, trekking off the beaten path
Track Name: Incas
There will be no frontiers
To make a prison of our tears
There will be no barriers
To hold the light from shining down our faces

Now we’ll see again and embrace ourselves
Now we’ll meet again there’ll be no pain

Sit close to the sunlight
Contemplate what we have built
We will dance in moon shine
Through a place where there’s no space or time
Track Name: Animals
Modern savage, walking proud
killing creatures just for fun

Modern sadist, coward swine
Lose your weapon for the fight

I've seen you taunt the earth
to entertain your souls
I've seen you hunt the sea
to fill some fancy mouths
I know you like to cage
the wings that learnt to fly
You say you are more advanced
when the animal is in you

Egotistic little man,
take the torture off your trunk

Foolish thinking: earth is ours
when the truth is otherwise
Track Name: The Rover
I’ve been looking for something that I don’t understand
I’ve been talking to strangers to pass up the time
I’ve been washed by the rain and cleaned by the night

I’ve been asking the questions that I already know
I’ve been jumping the hurdles for a race I don’t own
I’ve been searching for highs by digging to low – you know

It’s been to long since good old days
I don’t care now where you’ve been
Finally found my way at last
To save the night

I’ve been serving the fools so I’ll pick up a dime
Ain’t no reason for fighting, it’s no worth my time
I will count up the days ‘till I figure a rhyme for you
Track Name: Odds

Close your eyes now – place some bets on this
Everybody calm down – give it a little space
It’s my show – don’t forget the name
And I know, and I know and I know the odds will never change

And I see it, that the story is getting old
And I know it, that the feeling is getting cold

He’s made his mind up, he’ll never stop
You’ll never crack up what’s inside his thoughts
He’s got a short fuse – don’t get it burnt
And he knows, and he knows and he knows he wants to be up there
Track Name: Footsteps
In the meadow, under the crooked rusty mill
Light is sinking, silence is deafening me
Faded image of me

Smoked filled crowded rooms that were never for me
exchanging glances with eyes that will fade in my sleep
Flickering lights die on me

Follow footsteps that trace memories back to you
Ignoring music that rips out drear thoughts out in threes
Let bygones be bygones for real

I’m old chestnut you told me you’d always be here
All to proud now to let all these thoughts flow through me
It’s goodnight, sleep tight, think of me